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Flood Water Extraction Services Palm Harbor

Splashing rain seems very pleasant and lovely at the moment but when it turns into heavy floods, they cause hazardous damage, financial and health losses. Timely response to these flood damages is essential to minimize and stop the additional damage. Our restoration experts at Water Damage Palm Harbor are ready to assist you with years of experience and zeal to assist their clients.

Exact assessment of the actual damage is the key to success in an effective flood damage restoration process. Generally people remove the water from floors but they don’t detect the damage that has been spread to the walls. This hidden moisture leads to mold and mildew growth, which again is a huge hazard for the property as well as your health. To avoid these add-on damages, we use the latest instruments such as: thermal image cameras to detect the hidden moisture and Mist movers and scrubbers, Inject dryers, and TES drying systems for a complete drying to the affected area.

Water Damage Palm Harbor realizes that immediate response makes a difference in an effective damage restoration, that’s why we have kept our services open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Even a light rain can pour down and convert into a heavy flood, where we act immediate to prevent worse damage. Give us a call right now if you suspect flood damage in your house or office, because our team will be there within 45 minutes. Our company as well as our employees strive to go beyond your expectations when it comes to effective and economical damage restoration services.

Flood damage restoration services:
• Emergency flood restoration services
• Evaluation of actual flood damage
• Water removal and complete dry out
• Crawl space cleanup
• Wrecked Pipe Repairing
• Damp Carpet amputation and drying
• Structural Drying and sanitization including wall dry out
• Mold removal and decontamination